Food system change happens on many levels – local, national and international – and it is also about inner change and listening. Here are some of the projects I am involved with, which have informed the articles I write. They are all team efforts and they are constantly growing and changing

Adfywio Cymru Pobl yn cefnogi pobl i weithredu yn erbyn newid hinsawdd / Renew Wales People supporting people to take eaction against climate change

Addysg LEAF Cymru (FACE gynt) – cydlynydd addysg yng Nghymru, yn cysylltu ysgolion â ffermydd a’r diwydiant bwyd. LEAF EducationCymru (formerly FACE) – Wales coordinator, connecting schools with farms and the food industry.

Addysg ar gyfer Datblygu Cynaliadwy a Dinasyddiaeth Fydeang – Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship – read about an initiative to bring new focus to food education in Wales, drawing on the expertise of researchers and practitioners: RCE Wales Food Group