Food system change happens on many levels – local, national and international – and it is also about inner change and listening. Here are some of the projects I am involved with, which have informed the articles I write. They are all team efforts and they are constantly growing and changing.

Food Values – what are the values which underlie our existing food system and is that really how we want things to be? We make the case for seeing food as something which connects us with each other and with the natural world, and consider the implications for food education. See our blog.


Food Manifesto – How can we involve everyone in designing a food system for Wales? We’re inviting people to write in with their ideas. See


Fforwm Fwyd Aber /Aber Food Forum – developing community gardening, redistributing surplus food and hosting community meals in Aberystwyth. Search for Aber Food Forum on Facebook.




LEAF Education logo CymruAddysg LEAF Cymru (FACE gynt) – cydlynydd addysg yng Nghymru, yn cysylltu ysgolion â ffermydd a’r diwydiant bwyd.

LEAF Education Cymru (formerly FACE) – Wales coordinator, connecting schools with farms and the food industry.


rce cymru newAddysg ar gyfer Datblygu Cynaliadwy a Dinasyddiaeth Fydeang – Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship – read about an initiative to bring new focus to food education in in Wales, drawing on the expertise of researchers and practitioners: RCE Wales Food Group

logo paramaethu


Paramaethu Cymru – cynllunio systemau cynaliadwy 

Permaculture Wales – designing sustainable systems

Dyfi Biosphere logo

Cydlynu addysg ym Miosffer Dyfi

coordinating  education in the Dyfi Biosphere