Here I publish longer pieces.

From Jerusalem artichokes to soup, a world in a church carpark. Reflections on a event from years ago. This piece was runner-up in the Planet New Writers’ Competition 2023.

Women, food and community Adapted from a lecture given in Welsh at UWTSD Lampeter for International Women’s Day, this is a personal account of what these three words mean to me.

Thoughts on the shared meal Gathering together to eat is so important there is a name for it, commensality. A ramble through conversations at the table, Babette’s Feast and the social psychology of altruism.

Eat Lancet: the global food plan without global appeal This 2019 report caused controversy by calling on us to eat more plant-based food. The real problem was that it relied on a progressive and global world view not shared by everyone. Somehow we have to reconcile global and local interests.