Food Society

Montage of food and people

Bringing people together through food

If we want a food system that is fair, healthy and can feed future generations without displacing wildlife or degrading our soils, we will need to make some changes.  Businesses, government and the public have their role to play and we will all need to set some fixed ideas to one side and listen to others.

Clear and thoughtful communication is essential, whether writing or speaking. It’s important too that we come together to share ideas, to explore more deeply, to challenge prejudices and to celebrate.

On this website I publish my own writing. I try to go into the fundamental questions about food, seeing how our values have helped to create the system we see now, and looking for common ground between different groups of people. 

I work with many individuals and organizations across Wales and beyond, especially the ones listed on the Projects page.

Work with me

I write, edit, teach and organize events, in English and Welsh. See the Services page for more.