Coaching circles

Hefyd yn Gymraeg

Those of us who are working to change the food system in Wales are part of a powerful movement. Food is the source of life, and if we are able to see it as that rather than simply as a commodity, we can align with our values and work effectively to benefit others. However, we often lose sight of this, and become lost in short-term crises and limiting beliefs. We may take on too much, lose focus, or find that our plans are frustrated by external factors we feel unable to change.

That is why it is so helpful to have a peer support group, where we can reconnect with our inspiration and power, and find more skillful ways of working. There are many ways of doing that, such as Action Learning Sets and co-coaching circles, and this Case Clinic model which is taken from the Presencing Institute website (read about the food system and Theory U here).

Groups such as these are being actively promoted by Welsh Government, which is also working with Audit Wales to provide support to a wide and growing range of action learning sets and co-coaching circles and other peer support groups across Wales.

Interested? I will organize more circles if there is interest. Please get in touch.

What people have said:

“I just wanted to let you know how incredibly useful I found today’s coaching session. It has really reframed the way I experienced the meeting I found so difficult and provided me with so many constructive tools with which to approach and handle it differently.”

Community Gardening Volunteer

“Participating in a coaching circle made me feel less alone and isolated with my own problems. It reminded me of the need to connect and talk and that the power of just listening is huge.”

Youth Project Officer

“My first coaching circle has permanently changed the way I listen, which has had a profound impact on my productivity at work and confidence to deal with the hard conversations that are part being a leader within food activism.”

Organizer of county food strategy

“I felt quite strange being there to begin with. I really didn’t expect to say anything and just thought perhaps I could help someone by listening and supporting but then ended up being so beautifully supported myself! Thanks so much for having me and for facilitating such a magic group!”